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What is The RACM Project?

A small team of committed volunteers working hard to create a multi-site museum around the shores of Loch Ewe dedicated to the Arctic Convoys. Loch Ewe was a hive of activity during WW2 and it was the point of departure for many of the convoys bound for Russia. It’s fitting therefore that there should be a lasting legacy along its shores to the heroes who braved Arctic waters under constant threat of attack from enemy aircraft and u-boats. Many wartime buildings, gun emplacements and anti-aircraft batteries still stand around the local landscape.

Ultimately, we intend to create a museum to store artefacts pertaining to the convoys and the recollections of those involved to preserve them for future generations. We also want to restore and preserve the wartime buildings for all to see. It’s a big goal but we feel a worthwhile one.

The Vision

A multi-site museum in the North-West Highlands of Scotland, centred around Loch Ewe. 

This will incorporate items from our collection on display in several local venues, the preservation of local sites and structures of interest, a virtual presence and ultimately a state of the art exhibition centre built in Aultbea on the site of the wartime naval base.

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The Mission

To realise a professional and lasting legacy for all members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy who took part in the Russian Arctic Convoy Campaign during World War II.

To collect, preserve and interpret artefacts and memorabilia for the public to view and to improve knowledge of the collection through education and research. 

To present the stories of the convoys in such a way as to stimulate and engage the public of all ages and make the experience enjoyable and memorable for all. 

To preserve the unique cultural assets of the region surrounding Loch Ewe ensuring their survival for future generations.

The Plan

Phase 1
Build a strong online presence. This includes a thriving social media community and an online archive.
Expand the team. As the project grows the current team of volunteers are in need of a mixture of full time, part time and one off specialist help to develop our vision.
Develop the collection. We currently hold a small collection of convoy related items, pictures and documents. In order to better tell the story this needs to be expanded in several areas, including The Kreigsmarine, The U.S input and the Russian story. 

Phase 2 sea defences
Preserve local buildings. There are a number of fragile 
wartime buildings remaining around Loch Ewe which are in desperate need of preservation, without this we risk losing them forever.
Develop a Wartime Trail. This would take people on a journey around the local area and show them all the sites of significance. One day it may link up with other wartime sites around the North of Scotland.

Phase 3
Build a permanent structure in Aultbea to show our exhibition and allow consulting of our archives.

If you would like to know more about the project or our plan please download our executive summary from the link below or contact the team at info@theracmproject.org
Nicky Ellakirk,
5 Feb 2016, 09:06