Snowdrop Memorial Garden

Please help us create a Snowdrop Memorial Garden

Given their service in Arctic regions during WWII, the Arctic Convoy veterans wear white berets, thus earning them the nickname 'Snowdrops'.  To commemorate the 3000 men who were lost to the icy sea we would like to plant a 'Snowdrop Memorial Garden' at our Exhibition Centre in Aultbea. This will create a tranquil space where visitors can pay their respects to the fallen. It will include some 3000 Snowdrops, and other white flowering plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Narcissi, Hydrangeas, and Cherry Trees. We also intend to include engraved paving slabs in the garden.  One for every million Russians killed during WWII.  Your donations will help us landscape and purchase plants for the garden.  Please consider donating £3 to help us purchase Snowdrop bulbs. £15 will buy a shrub. £50 buys a young Cherry Tree.  £250 will help us purchase a bench.  To find out more about the Arctic Convoys, take a look at our museum website.  To donate by text, simply text SNOW41 £3 to 70070 (you can change the amount if you wish).  You can donate online below.  Huge thanks to all supporters.

Some of the space that we would like to transform.

Snowdrop Memorial GardenSnowdrop Memorial GardenSnowdrop Memorial GardenSnowdrop Memorial Garden